What is Caregiver Deluxe?

What is Caregiver Deluxe?

Caregiver Deluxe is the fastest growing online platform for home health agencies, nursing homes, and other skilled nursing facilities to market to newer audiences.

Bottom Line Up Front

Traditionally, skilled nursing facilities would rely on marketing techniques such as word of mouth, print advertisements, and event marketing. Skilled marketing professionals may even suggest marketing strategizes such as Google AdWords, Pay-per-click, landing pages, lead funnels, and more. These tactics may have results for some but can quickly chip away at your company’s bottom line.

Marketing does require a need to be strategic but it does not need to “break the bank” when it comes to advertising in today’s world of digital media! Some marketing professionals may recommend marketing strategies that could cost your business a massive fee. These strategies may or for some business, but will not work for all.

Home Health Care Marketing Strategies

  • Google AdWords This can help some people find your business but it could also cost you a lot of money. If a company is spending $1000s of dollars per month on Google AdWords they are going to be more concerned about the ROI and if it is profitable. There are other digital marketing strategies that can be just as effective and less costly than Google AdWords.
  • Pay-per-click advertising for lead generation that will send people to a landing page on your website. This could be effective, but it will also cost you money for each click. If you are getting a lot of clicks, but no conversions, then this strategy is not working for you.
  • Landing pages are another great way to generate leads, but they can also be expensive if not done correctly.
  • Lead funnels are a great way to convert potential customers into paying customers, but they can take some time and effort to set up correctly.

While all of these marketing strategies may have their place in a skilled nursing facility’s marketing plan, there is one strategy that is growing in popularity and is much more affordable – Caregiver Deluxe!

Benefits of Caregiver Deluxe

Caregiver Deluxe provides businesses with the ability to reach out to new, nationwide audiences at little-to-no cost. With Caregiver Deluxe, businesses can create a listing on our website for a fraction of the cost as Google ad words. Features included are: Profile Analytics, Lead Capture, Unique Keyword Ranking, Customer Reviews, Social Media Sharing, Blog Posting, Website Linking, and much more. In addition, businesses can use our Caregiver Directory to find potential employees with our Job Publishing feature.

The best part is that Caregiver Deluxe is growing in popularity every day. Sign up today and start reaching new audiences today!

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